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  2. In the spirit of Halloween tomorrow... what is everyone's favorite scary movie?! or movies?! Mine is the ORIGINAL It, with Tim Curry as Pennywise. Classic. I saw the new one and it wasn't nearly as eerie to me with all of the special effects!
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  4. What kind of juicer did you get?? I have an old Jack LaLanne but need to get something new!
  5. I've done master cleanse! It truly reset my body.
  6. Thank you! Loving it more than any consistent workout I've had in years!
  7. It's also important to remember that everyone has different things that solidify as memories. My sister and I could tell stories of two totally different childhoods! The things that stood out to my sister didn't always stand out to me and vice versa!
  8. Pay attention! Keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening and you'll be relevant as long as you want to be! Plus, if you have 50+ years of experiences, you've got the best of both worlds!
  9. I agree! I cannot imagine not working in some of my free time. Definitely travel a ton, too!
  10. My best sales advice is that sincerity and being genuine about how you sell and what you sell is the most important! If you keep it real, people will notice.
  11. Chase Bank is offering fee free investing now too! Seems like everyone is hopping on that train.
  12. Join the discussion with April and Michelle, hosts of the Sex, Love, 360 Podcast - presented by
  13. You have a lot of great charities on your list. I find the animal charities great because I'm an animal lover. It's a passion of mine to try and preserve our wildlife. The Boucher Legacy is an incredible organization for the anti poaching of Rhino's and Elephants. Thanks for listing them as one of your charities. Well done!
  14. This is a tough environment as it is and as we get older, we start to lose our Mojo. Time to reinvent yourself. I find as I get older, I get wiser. You start to pull from past experience and start making wise decisions. Let the young folks in on how it's done. When you become a mentor and stop trying to compete, the newbies start to follow you. Hold court and become the Zen Master of your company!
  15. I hear ya brother, probably a good idea for all of us to take a break once in a while. It sounds like a good plan!
  16. Take a break from romance for a while. We tend to put too much stress on ourselves to perform. During this pandemic, my wife was injured and laid up for several months. Out of commission...the store was closed! It was the longest time we had ever not had sex. The first month was the toughest, however, as the months went on, it started to get much easier to go without. Then many months passed and it started getting scary. What if I can't do it any more? No one is talking about it and it's not happening... I can tell you it's like riding a bike, once you jump on, it all comes back to you. After 5 month's the romance was starting to make a comeback and I realized, it was ok to take a break. It was like a new romance was blooming and it was exciting...
  17. Right now, I have an appointment with a different doc, two months from now. Seems like it should be easier. And the receptionist I spoke with at the new place said "he does all his own procedures" but also seemed confused as to what I was talking about. Now I wonder if I should call the office to get a confirmation from someone who does know.
  18. I hear you loud and clear. When I get a massage, I will only let a woman do it, however, when it comes to rectal exams and any other exam of my private man parts, it's only by other men. I always request exams to be done by men...
  19. I cried real tears for the last time I can recall when I was 27 and my 12 year old family dog died. Nothing wrong with men crying. That said, while I do feel a well of emotion at times, I don't cry. Not sure why, I am not ashamed or anything. Just the way it is, I guess. Jay
  20. First time here, so hi to all. I am a 49 year old man. Had two urine samples at my yearly physical that showed microscopic blood, so was referred to a urologist for a consult. That appointment was just with the doc, and went fine. He wanted to do x-rays and a scope after, in his office. When I inquired about that procedure I was told it was in his office with a nurse/assistant. I asked for a male assistant. Was told they had none. I canceled that appointment and contact my PCP's office to let them know. They still want me to proceed further, and will look into other urologists. None in the Hospital my doctor is affiliated with has any male nurses to assist. I find that astounding. They have offices and clinics all over the area. Two days now and still no return call from my doc to say they have set something up. I get that men are used to - and expected to, it seems - just "man up" and deal with it. But I find it ridiculous in 2020 that there isn't a solution to this simple request. So, while my subject asks if I am wrong to request this, I don't think I am, and will be advocating for myself. What do other guys think? Jay
  21. I have a 63-year old client and he is crazy passionate about pickleball. I never heard about the sport before I met him. He works out and eating to get better and better at it. It keeps him young, passionate, and fit!
  22. I'm probably posting something here a lot of you men already know, but sales drive everything. It's not like I didn't know that. I'm just finding out later in life how important sales skills are. I didn't put a high enough priority on this the majority of my life. I used to believe that, if you just did an awesome job, the sales would just come to you. Any advice for getting up to speed a little quicker?
  23. Whenever I get frustrated with my wife, I remind myself that she is my MATCH! I can't just take all the good things about her and say I "deserve" it. If there are some challenging things about her, I must be contributing in some way. That keeps me focused on solving the challenge and making sure I am doing everything in my power to do so. Maybe that's helpful to the men here as much as it helps me. I hope it is.
  24. Sounds interesting! The link doesn't seem to be working for me.
  25. I'm about to go 100 days in a row doing at least a little exercise every single day. Who is interested in going my #100daysofworkoutsforoldermen Challenge with me?
  26. Any exercise is great exercise, in my opinion! Sometimes, we make fitness too complicated. So complicated that we don't take enough action. Enjoy it, brother! Keep us up to date with your progress.
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