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  4. Yes,have been since Jan.Silly question.
  5. This one is awesome
  6. I'm getting a new drone for myself on Black Friday, if that counts?!
  7. Waiting for cyber Monday and going nuts. Electronics are best priced then!
  8. I'm doing ALL amazon this year. Free shipping and tons of choices.
  9. I like anything chocolate except for tootsie rolls.
  10. Waiting for my social security to max and then I'm done. Less than 2 years!
  11. I retired right at 65 and miss working often, but try to stay busy
  12. Or are you planning to retire? I'm 72 and about to take the leap.
  13. That's great! I always do dry January but not much the other 11 months.
  14. Anyone else taken a break this year from booze? I'm 10 months without it, and I've lost 25 lbs effortlessly.
  15. It looks like "the Brady Bunch" (in Tampa) is on a roll. Patrick Mahomes is good....but his teammates are faltering. That new QB for Jacksonville is a flop. The Cardinals are looking good at 4 and 0. What's your POV?
  16. I am watching Scenes From A Marriage On HBO... a little depressing but good. Great acting!
  17. I just started MAID and it's pretty good. Netlfix.
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