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  2. Who uses compression sleeves? I just started to have pretty bad knee pains from running/jogging and I tried looking for a compression sleeve or band... tons of stuff out there. Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. I LOVE a Cadillac margarita! Give me all the salt, too!😛
  4. Casamigos! Silver, Reposado, or Anejo! I'll take any of them, anytime!
  5. What's everyone's favorite tequila or margarita recipe??
  6. It amazes me that every year when the list of the happiest countries in the world comes out, the US is never in the top 10, and barely in the top 20! I think we work too much and don't play enough. Other countries nap in the middle of the day (Spain) and some give pregnant mothers 6 months off! I love this country but I think we need to self reflect a bit!
  7. I can't wait! So excited to have spring college football.
  8. I'm easy. Jim Beam does the job every time!
  9. I make scotch old fashioneds all the time! YUM
  10. I am taking a minute to give praise to my wife. She's a goddamn superhero. I wonder where she hides her cape at night, really. Love my job during COVID and she stepped right up, and started working overtime shifts at the hospital (physically saving lives) and was still around to help me with my own personal lows and still help our children learn from home on Zoom when she could. I tell her all the time but thought I would give everyone else a chance to celebrate the women they know!
  11. It's time for Spring football!!! Woohoo!!
  12. Have you seen the movie Spanglish? I will never forget Cloris Leachman saying this to Tea Leoni (who is a real turd in the movie). "Lately your low self esteem is just good common sense." Such a zinger!
  13. I do! Bet those losers wish they had those records now! They'd be worth a pretty penny.
  14. I was a teenage, and I remember it vaguely. Definitely didn't understand it until years later, to be honest.
  15. I do! My family and I lived in Arlington Heights, outside Chicago. I remember seeing it all over the newsstands the next day.
  16. Do you all remember the Disco Is Dead day in Chicago?
  17. Does anyone still have living members of their parents generation? We cousins just lost our last uncle, and it somehow feels like the ending of a tie to the entire generation above us. We were very fortunate to have known all of our grandparents and see our parents all make it into their 80s & 90s, but it's still a difficult loss.
  18. Who does everyone have for March Madness this year?!?!
  19. I don't remember mine exactly. I have tried for a lot of years, but the way I tell it-- it was a hot older girl in High School... this really happened and was life changing! haha nothing before it mattered anyway.
  20. My wife of 42 years was my first kiss. First and last if I have it my way!
  21. Morning! What a way to start the day. Sex, shower, breakfast, then real life.
  22. Guy's got a point!!! But in all seriousness, I like both depending on the day.
  23. I will take it whenever I can get it😅
  24. Which do you all prefer?! I'm all about night sex and then drifting off into dreamland!
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