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  2. Waiting for my social security to max and then I'm done. Less than 2 years!
  3. I retired right at 65 and miss working often, but try to stay busy
  4. Or are you planning to retire? I'm 72 and about to take the leap.
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  6. That's great! I always do dry January but not much the other 11 months.
  7. Anyone else taken a break this year from booze? I'm 10 months without it, and I've lost 25 lbs effortlessly.
  8. It looks like "the Brady Bunch" (in Tampa) is on a roll. Patrick Mahomes is good....but his teammates are faltering. That new QB for Jacksonville is a flop. The Cardinals are looking good at 4 and 0. What's your POV?
  9. I am watching Scenes From A Marriage On HBO... a little depressing but good. Great acting!
  10. I just started MAID and it's pretty good. Netlfix.
  11. Electric Vehicles - E.V.'s...are the next big "disrupters". It was the cell phone in the 1990s, it was the Computer in the 2000's . This disruption will take longer because cars cost far more than phones and/ or computers...but like them they're getting cheaper to make and they're selling at lower costs - with better range - every day.
  12. I got a chance to drive one with my wife in Vegas. Almost identical layout as the Gallardo but more refined like a Ferrari. Definitely want to own.
  13. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster.
  14. it was sometime in the 1950's. I was around 10 years old. Mom and Dad took me and the brothers (and eventually my one sister) to Grandma and Grandpa. Loved Grandma's cooking. Loved Grandpa's walks, and recycling (he was the crucial person to push me toward becoming an Ecology teacher). But more than that - Grandpa loved Mad magazine. He had Mad books by Don Martin. He had a wry, persnickety sense of humor that you needed to love Alfred E. Newman (What, Me Worry?) and Don Martin's way with words (as I was to learn later in life - it was a science AND an art - knowing how to do "Onomatopoeia") Well... my point is...I've loved Mad magazine (yes - you can still subscribe to it!) and Don Martin actually retired early...
  15. If you live in any city where they're doing any type of moive/TV production. Get yourself on set as an extra. Right off the bat you'll have a conversation opener with women who are extras,too. if it's at least an 8 hour set you'll even get the chance to sit down and have a meal with quite a few women. It's just a simple ask to get their info. to perhaps see them on the next gig or to stay in contact by Facebook or such. Now after you meet them it's still up to you to figure out how to get out of the friend zone after that.And even if it doesn't work out (romantically) you still get paid to be an
  16. I was born in to a sort-of religious family. Dad was a devout Episcopal. Mom was a passive, inactive Jew. I got baptized. Confirmed. I hung with dad and volunteered in many ways to "help" the church....from being a choir member to helping dad clean up the church on non-church days. Then I went to college and got a science teacher's education. As Bill Nye said..."I change my mind if I'm presented with evidence". His debater - the religious founder and creator of "The Ark" exhibit in Oklahoma, Ken Ham said 'he never changes his mind". So science took me away from religion...and science took me towards evidence and proofs. So let me share a few memes here; and I welcome any comments!
  17. I've found that cooking your own mels from scratch really helps because you really appreciate serving sizes when you're the one doing the cooking.. Take a cooking class or find recipes on Youtubbe. Also,those Lean Cuisisne meal really do the trick,,,but remember it ain't gonna work if you're scarfing down two at a time. Get yourself those large 2.25 gallonws of waters from Costco/Sams and work your water game daily.Packa lunch instead of fast fooding it.Take a cheat day and enjoy a pizza or some fancy dessert, but don't binge eat..relax and enjoy a meal.
  18. Big fan of Olive oil. Snce i've started doing a lot more different cuisines I find myself really liking to cook with organic Coconut oil. Coconut oil in generally is really versatile for other usages as well.Can be used as a moisturizer,cleaning teeth etc.
  19. I found this old mirror in the "recycling bin". I stripped the rough, old frame (and perfect mirror) and got out the cheap hot glue gun and hot glue sticks....dug in to my shell collection and "voia"...I was making shelled frames to mirrors that I saw for sale for hundreds of $$ in the Florida Keys! Excited. C44291F6-BC70-433D-BB41-52FD130EACDE.heic
  20. Yes and no. Yes...some Pizza restaurant/makers are just on task....they nail the time to bake, the sauces, the cheeses, and the toppings. No....because some restaurants and eat-in Pizza prices have gone through the roof.'s real fun to make the dough rise and put on your own toppings and sauce...but no...if you over/under cook it...if your toppings aren't's a sad thing....
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