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  2. I miss the old days of Carson. New late night TV has nothing on the good old days...
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  4. I have to constantly remind myself that I have so much more experience than the younger guys, who learned what they know from a book or class.
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  6. This is pretty good- on the food and drink part of this site. The chips are baked and probably delicious! I'm making it this weekend for sure!
  7. I'm in need of some awesome recipes, that are mildly healthy. AKA, nothing deep fried. Most everything else is on the table... I want to cook more at home and eat cleaner. No keto, paleo, or Atkins crap... just fresh and healthy. Any ideas??
  8. Same! Let's hope LeBron makes it there and is met by Durant!
  9. Can't wait to see the matchups this year! 24 days until we have two months of playoff bliss!
  10. This article has some great suggestions! I wasn't able to do much last year bc of covid, but I think I'm gonna get her the Dyson blowdryer. It's been on her dream wishlist for quite some time. Time to splurge.
  11. I give my wife a day without the kids and she goes out with her sister and girlfriends. I buy their dinner and drinks. She is never disappointed.
  12. I always try and give my wife a spa day. She deserves it after all she does for our kids. Last year didn't happen because of COVID, but this year she can enjoy a day of pampering again!
  13. I bought my mom a Masterclass pass.. I think it's a good gift since she still doesn't leave the house much and has a curious mind.
  14. I want to get something more than flowers this year for my mother and wife... any ideas?
  15. Mr. Lucky

    PS vs Mac

    I'm a PC guy through and through... I do have an iPhone though and my kids laugh at me. The iPhone is so user friendly but Mac computers have never seemed conquerable to me!
  16. RollTideWin

    Oscars 2021

    My money is on Nomadland for Best Picture. What do you all think?
  17. I can't wait . Go dodgers!!
  18. I am! Been waiting a whole year
  19. Who is ready to see baseball allll Summer long?
  20. Who uses compression sleeves? I just started to have pretty bad knee pains from running/jogging and I tried looking for a compression sleeve or band... tons of stuff out there. Anyone have any recommendations?
  21. I LOVE a Cadillac margarita! Give me all the salt, too!😛
  22. Casamigos! Silver, Reposado, or Anejo! I'll take any of them, anytime!
  23. What's everyone's favorite tequila or margarita recipe??
  24. It amazes me that every year when the list of the happiest countries in the world comes out, the US is never in the top 10, and barely in the top 20! I think we work too much and don't play enough. Other countries nap in the middle of the day (Spain) and some give pregnant mothers 6 months off! I love this country but I think we need to self reflect a bit!
  25. I can't wait! So excited to have spring college football.
  26. I'm easy. Jim Beam does the job every time!
  27. I make scotch old fashioneds all the time! YUM
  28. I am taking a minute to give praise to my wife. She's a goddamn superhero. I wonder where she hides her cape at night, really. Love my job during COVID and she stepped right up, and started working overtime shifts at the hospital (physically saving lives) and was still around to help me with my own personal lows and still help our children learn from home on Zoom when she could. I tell her all the time but thought I would give everyone else a chance to celebrate the women they know!
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