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    All of the younger kids are doing it! Anyone else using Robinhood or an app for no-fee direct investing?! I use Robinhood and LOVE it.
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    I hear you loud and clear. When I get a massage, I will only let a woman do it, however, when it comes to rectal exams and any other exam of my private man parts, it's only by other men. I always request exams to be done by men...
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    I know I'm lucky to still be married after 35 years (happily, for the most part). My Main tip is... no matter what... "Let it go." Sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I want to run into opposing traffic, sometimes I still want to prove I'm right... but the truth is, just let It go. Grudges don't make anyone happier. They are heavy. I'm not perfect. I still wake up pissed sometimes, but I also have to remind myself even in those moments... LET.IT.GO. Woosa!
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    Whenever I get frustrated with my wife, I remind myself that she is my MATCH! I can't just take all the good things about her and say I "deserve" it. If there are some challenging things about her, I must be contributing in some way. That keeps me focused on solving the challenge and making sure I am doing everything in my power to do so. Maybe that's helpful to the men here as much as it helps me. I hope it is.
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    Any exercise is great exercise, in my opinion! Sometimes, we make fitness too complicated. So complicated that we don't take enough action. Enjoy it, brother! Keep us up to date with your progress.
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    Man caves. Man caves are the answer. A place to go for your sanity.
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    I bought 10k in Tesla last summer and it is worth almost 10x as much now. Best move I've made in years!!! Did it all through TD Ameritrade.
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    To lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit. Low fat, low sugar helps but calories in<calories out is the most important. Exercise is a given.
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    Just posted an article on this site, Paul. Let me know if you have any questions. The Top 10 Diet Secrets For Older Men
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    Looking great and feeling great at 50!
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