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  1. Let's see what happens when ARod meets TB12 this weekend.....Tampa is the new Green Bay
  2. Yo still seem to be holding on to hope for the Aint's......Get on the Tampa bandwagon and roll with Tom Terrific......Tampa will will the division.
  3. The PGA Championship, the US Open, and the Masters are on the Horizon. It looks like Tiger Woods is focusing on those. But can he beat the likes of Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka? I think he might! What do you think? Check out the article I wrote along with some cool photos I took of these guys!
  4. C'mon take some risk and don't choose the obvious player......
  5. Tampa Bay upsets NO in the NFC Title game and then stuns KC with a perfect defensive game plan in the Super Bowl.
  6. My friend David Meeks and I wrote an article for called "The 2020 Receiver Class" where we chose our Top 5 draft choices that have the best chance to get to the Hall of Fame! Let's just say we DIDN'T agree! Take a look and chime in!
  7. Marc

    Don Shula

    Shoe's was not only a great game technician but sat on the Rules Committee for years....He changed the game.
  8. 6 Ring's / 2 - 3peets....say's it all
  9. I hope baseball players figure it out and soon! Billionaires arguing with Millionaires.....Cheeeeeeesh
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