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  1. Here are some super easy recipes! Not all low fat hahah.. but easy enough to find the ones that are!
  2. I want to get something more than flowers this year for my mother and wife... any ideas?
  3. I'm dying to go to Isreal and as soon as this pandemic lets up, I think it may be my first destination overseas.
  4. Yeah, the whole Betty Broderick story is wild to me. MY wife was listening to the podcast from the LA Times and I got hooked. This episode from Manopod is awesome! Would love to hear more from Michelle about her story.
  5. Pay attention! Keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening and you'll be relevant as long as you want to be! Plus, if you have 50+ years of experiences, you've got the best of both worlds!
  6. I'm less desperate for shows now that sports are back, but my go to at the moment is The Mandalorian!
  7. Love The Monkees! Should have been inaugurated into the Hall of Fame!
  8. Master Cleanse is more than a juice cleanse but will definitely take 10lbs off you in a week! It's unreal and super effective if done properly!
  9. So we are over 6 months into Covid here in the US... who's having more or less sex at home than they were last year? I'll start ... LESS. I love my wife, but it's been a long year haha
  10. Totally agree with avocado oil! It's my favorite!!
  11. I spent 8 days in Paris last year and it was absolutely amazing! I started to feel like a local and I wish it wasn't COVID right now, because I would go back for a longer stay asap! Seeing the sights wasn't my first time, but the other trips I made were hopping around Europe and I didn't stay in any city too long. I totally recommend staying in one place for at least a week, so you can feel like a local!
  12. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” ― Abraham Lincoln
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