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  1. I'm doing ALL amazon this year. Free shipping and tons of choices.
  2. Good podcast Manopause did. Check it out
  3. I saw that too- she's awesome. And beautiful for sure.
  4. A vintage corvette or chevelle
  5. I say yes! Clean it up, its 2021.
  6. I hate to say it, but I have tried a few of the boozy seltzers and they're pretty dangerous and easy to drink.... lol
  7. I say California beaches! Anyone else?
  8. I've checked out some easy YouTube videos, but still fall short on a full understanding!
  9. I have to constantly remind myself that I have so much more experience than the younger guys, who learned what they know from a book or class.
  10. I'm in need of some awesome recipes, that are mildly healthy. AKA, nothing deep fried. Most everything else is on the table... I want to cook more at home and eat cleaner. No keto, paleo, or Atkins crap... just fresh and healthy. Any ideas??
  11. I bought my mom a Masterclass pass.. I think it's a good gift since she still doesn't leave the house much and has a curious mind.
  12. Does anyone still have living members of their parents generation? We cousins just lost our last uncle, and it somehow feels like the ending of a tie to the entire generation above us. We were very fortunate to have known all of our grandparents and see our parents all make it into their 80s & 90s, but it's still a difficult loss.
  13. Who has moved in with a significant other later in life? In a new relationship? I made the jump this January, and it's so far so good. We basically spent all last year together in quarantine, staying home and working. So, it's not a huge change for us, but her lease expired this year so we decided it made the most sense. It's exciting and I think our practice of cohabitation in 2020 was a great dry run!
  14. I went to a tiny little cafe around the Eiffel Tower, which was probably a tourist hot spot. Nonetheless, I had my first taste of escargot. Definitely a one time thing but I knocked it off my bucket list!
  15. Who y'all got for the Super Bowl? My money is on Brady. He's such a boss he can win rings on any team.
  16. juliam60

    Hank Aaron!

    Ugh the duo! Scully and Hank! RIP brother. I was too young to remember this but I’ve heard about it my whole life. Such an icon.
  17. juliam60


    I have a massive record collection I've considered unloading several times. I have always held onto them but I wonder if it's really worth storing them. Records have come back into trend in the past few years so I'm wondering if anyone thinks the value of my collection will go up?
  18. I just bought my granddaughter a huge Barbie dollhouse for Christmas. I know she loves Barbies a ton. My wife told me to ask my son if that was too extravagant/large of a gift. He said it was fine, but the size of the house and where they were gonna put it didn't occur to me🤣 Definitely will keep this in mind for upcoming birthdays and holidays.
  19. My son started at Yale law this year and while it's been a weird road to get there and there have been struggles around starting in the midst of a pandemic.... he did it! Thankful for his perseverance and ability to stay positive!
  20. I cannot believe the season is half over! Kept waiting to see the Chiefs slip, but it hasn't happened so far! *knocks on wood*
  21. I'm a simple Johnny Walker black guy. Not too pricey and consistently good!
  22. What kind of juicer did you get?? I have an old Jack LaLanne but need to get something new!
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