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  1. I am! Been waiting a whole year
  2. Game Of Thrones. I've rewatched during quarantine and am gearing up to maybe do it again!
  3. Did you know Black History month is in February because it's the month of Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglass' birthdays?! I just learned that this year, and I'm 64!
  4. My go to is Maker's Mark. Tried and true... always a solid, obtainable choice.
  5. What is everyone doing for their significant others this year? Covid put a damper on a trip I thought we could take, but I was able to make a reservation here in TX at a Nice restaurant! Next year we will take the trip, fingers crossed!
  6. I always thought this wasn't up my alley. But let me tell you, most of the purchase my wife and I made help her have a lot more fun in the bedroom.... which is really a win for me because she wants me to take her clothes off much more often now. Help her, help me. Not sure why we didn't do this sooner. Live and learn.
  7. Yes! Always good to check with the parents. I had parents to I'm certain pissed off my parents with their gifting and spoiling habits so I make sure to always be on the same page as my daughter and her husband.
  8. Thank you! I think it may be a new tradition if it goes really well.. the more I think about it, the more I could go without stressing over the production of a Turkey dinner ever again!
  9. My family and I have decided to skip it this year and stay home without TV or cell phones, eating Chinese takeout. My kids are going to lose their minds without electronics, but I'm excited to sit down and eat and play games all night!
  10. This podcast was awesome. Waiting on another episode!
  11. Online! Honestly, these days with COVID and 2020 being weird, online is the way to go safely and not meetup with tons of new people.
  12. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." Such a classic.
  13. I cannot wait to be able to travel again overseas (whenever that happens). Portugal is high on my list. Where else do you guys want to go!?
  14. Honestly about the same. It ebbs and flows. I've accepted it at this point into a 20 year marriage.
  15. Fishing! If you're anywhere near a place you can do that, it's a great way to spend a day! Birdwatching is for a special group of people, but can be tons of fun as you learn more and more!
  16. “I wake up every morning and think to myself, ‘how far can I push this company in the next 24 hours.’” – Leah Busque
  17. Always be the dead end of rumors. If you hear them, just stop it there. Not getting involved and going to work a paycheck is the best advice I have. Being an employee no one has a reason to speak ill of is a blessing and rarity.
  18. I love this time of year, as fall rolls around. So many delicious Oktoberfest beers to try. I went to Oktoberfest in 2010 in Munich, and have since become a slight nerd about anything Oktoberfest affiliated. Sierra Nevada is one of my stateside favorites, and isn't difficult to get your hands on.
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