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  1. I've started hiking a couple times a week. It's so nice to get outside. Luckily I live in CA so the weather allows it during the colder months.
  2. I love Invicta watches so much! You can get them pretty affordably too!
  3. Same! But I don't know many men who would disagree!
  4. I've always been an olive oil guy. I was raised with olive oil, and considered it the only real oil to cook with. In the past few years I've started branching out to avocado oil and grapeseed oil. I'm still not sure if I can taste or tell the difference. Any insight about which are better or you prefer??
  5. We are coming into week 2 of the NFL being back! I cannot say enough how happy I am about this. Brady may not be the guy we remember without Bill Belicheck... time will certainly tell. Any predictions for this season??
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