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  1. I found a better deal through GoodRx. I got 90 20mg Cialis for $55! Check it out--they apparently have deals with local pharmacy chains! Let me know if you get the same deal!
  2. I think they're real and the government doesn't want us to know about it! And she's definitely an alien!
  3. My wife does. She has mild rheumatoid arthritis in her knees and uses the roll on oil! She puts it on before we walk and she's good to go!
  4. I never count Tiger out. He seems to have his head together and his body ready. I'd like to see. him catch jack with the Major wins, but not pass him!
  5. My girlfriend and I would sit in the wayback, making out and doing the nasty! Don't remember any of the movies and only got caught once!
  6. I've been surfing for years, and in the continental US, the West Coast breaks are way better! Don't get me wrong, the Outer Banks and Cocoa Beach are great, but the Wedge and Surfrider are awesome!
  7. That is so cool. I think people who don't play don't get how much skill is involved--you gotta skate, backwards, forwards, stop on a dime. Then you have to follow this tiny puck moving at the speed of light, and try to get it past a giant in front of a small net. And also be able to kick someone's ass if they get in your way!
  8. Two people I know got melanomas, but they were caught really early! Scary stuff. Need to be vigilant!
  9. Who are you guys datin?
  10. Agree, but times were different. NBA was less of a revolving door back then. Not a fan anymore!
  11. Tough call! Winters was crazy funny. like Robin Williams, but Rickles was so damn mean and quick on his feet! Probably winters for me.
  12. I usually drink Glenlivet 18, but I'm open to suggestions!
  13. Gotta agree, Marty. And Carole Baskin, she gonna get hers.
  14. Meditation is a great way to relieve stress, and it's free.
  15. Go outside! Watch the grass grow! Same thing!
  16. I think for years the Corvette has been snubbed by super car enthusiasts because it's a Chevrolet. But for the last 10 years the quality has dramatically improved, and pound for pound it is the fastest supercar for the money! You can literally buy 4 or 5 Ferraris for the price of one well-equipped Corvette. And now with the new C8 mid-engine model, it's going to kick more butt!
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