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  1. Thanks Skip! Great video! Any advice on diets?
  2. I just got this metal print photo of my boy Jimmie Johnson in the pit at Homestead on Freakin' awesome!!
  3. I work out all the time, but now that I'm over 50, it's getting harder to to my old routine, and I'm sore all the time. I remember I could workout 1-2hours a day and be fine the next day! WTF? I'm trying to change my routine, but I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with this?
  4. I love my Panerai! It fits with any occasion. But I don't wear it everyday! I have a lot of NFW watches because I'm outdoors all the time and they're tough! Invictas are good too--they're cheap and pretty durable.
  5. Golf is the most amazing game if you're on. Smacking that little white ball far and straight when your buddies are slicing and pulling is almost as good as sex. But then the next time you play, you couldn't hit the fairway if you were on it. Why? I know I need to practice, but it's so brutal when things are going bad you never want to go back. That's where I am right now! Anybody in the same boat?
  6. When I crossed over 50, I started thinking a lot about retirement. I think you need to plan ahead, not just for having enough money and minimal debt, but also in terms of what you're going to do! I mean, how much golf can you play? I think you need a passion--something that gets your butt out of bed because you're eager to start the day! Maybe writing, photography, mentoring? Anybody have ideas?
  7. Agree. I love Corvettes! I think they should carve themselves out from Chevy, sorta like Lexus did from Toyota, and make it a high end brand. Love that C8, dude!
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