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  1. I love wearing watches, even though most people just use their phone to check the time. My dad always had a sharp watch, even if it wasn't expensive. I have 2 really nice watches I plan on passing on to my kids. Most of the time I just wear inexpensive watches to suit my mood--a dive watch on vacation, a dress watch at a party or whatever. I'd like to get some feedback on what watches you guys like!
  2. I like giving my money and time to charity. But I gotta say, there's a lot of shady organizations taking money in the name of charity and spending it all on overhead! I like the Alzheimer's association and the American Heart association, but I wonder about a lot of the others. I also give to wounded Warriors. Anybody else have some they trust?
  3. I love college football. Big Michigan fan. I think the pros are spoiled, and don't seem to play with the same passion as the college guys! Don't get me wrong! I'll watch, but college games rule!
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