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  1. Who is ready to see baseball allll Summer long?
  2. Who uses compression sleeves? I just started to have pretty bad knee pains from running/jogging and I tried looking for a compression sleeve or band... tons of stuff out there. Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. Dog Poop bags. I know you have to cleanup after your dog- I KNOW THAT! But wasn't there a movie that had a product call vaPOOrizer?! And you sprayed it on the dog poop, and it disappeared. Because I love dogs, but picking up their poop with my bare hand seems archaic. We have to do better!
  4. NYJack

    Favorite putter

    Signup for the giveaway they're doing! There's an awesome putter up for grabs!
  5. Bulleit. Affordable and delicious. Their Rye is also a solid choice 🥃
  6. Making dinner at home and sending the kids to grandma's for the night. About the best. we can hope for with COVID in the world.
  7. NYJack

    Hank Aaron!

    RIP Hank Aaron🙌🏼🙏🏼. What an icon. I remember being in my childhood home on the couch, on the edge of my seat. and the iconic Vin Scully.
  8. I learned this years back and it couldn't be more true! My wife didn't want me to think I was inadequate, which is silly! We are all in bed together for the same reason- to get to the finish line and enjoy the journey there! I recommend every couple brings some new toys into the bedroom. You will not regret it.
  9. Growing up, my dad would always dress up as Santa Claus and visit me and my sister on Christmas Eve. It was awesome, and I'm pretty sure we didn't realize it was him until I was about 10. Not too shabby for my parents to get away with that for 10 years, unnoticed!
  10. I'm thankful for my employment. Really. Lots of people I know have lost jobs or had hours cut back.
  11. NYJack

    Mike Eruzione

    Who remembers where they were when they saw Mike Eruzione score the winning goal against Russia in the 1980 Olympic hockey game?? I was at my grandparents house in upstate NY and I remember the neighborhood erupting with the loudest cheers and taking to the street to cheer with each other. It was awesome.
  12. “You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. It’s structual perfection is matched only by its hostility.” Ash, “Alien” 1979
  13. Such a good reminder! Hard sometimes to get my head there and believe I contribute to the difficulties lol (joking). My 8 year gf is my match too and I am lucky to have her. I also compromise more than I ever have in my life and that's new to me for sure.
  14. My best sales advice is that sincerity and being genuine about how you sell and what you sell is the most important! If you keep it real, people will notice.
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