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  1. Morning! What a way to start the day. Sex, shower, breakfast, then real life.
  2. If we can have an all in one shower gel- for your hair and body, why can't we have an all in one home cleaner?! Windows, stainless, granite.... it's crazy how much shit I have user my sink! All for different surfaces.... It's expensive too, but I'm sure that's the point.
  3. This is a homeless recovery center in Dallas: The Bridge
  4. What did Cinderella say when she got to the ball? *Gagging sound*
  5. I agree! I cannot imagine not working in some of my free time. Definitely travel a ton, too!
  6. I have the first ones they came out with! They still work super well, but of course I want the new ones! Hoping to win in the Mega Giveaway!
  7. I LOVED this podcast. I had already listened to the LA Times Betty Broderick "It Was Simple" Podcast, so this was fascinating to me! Definitely go listen!
  8. I know I have inherited bonds through the family line, but I have no idea what to do with it. Hoping someone here does
  9. Recently, I have been buying used furniture from thrift stores and upgrading them into new and stylish pieces. I wanted to start selling them online in places like Offerup, Any other places you think I should start selling?
  10. Martin D here proud to say I'm team Joe Exotic! I am also team save the big cats!
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