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  1. I found this at the urging of my youngest son, who happens to live in Texas. He was lucky enough to not lose power or internet (very lucky, I know). So many others weren't. So so sad.
  2. I'm usually someone who overdoes it on the holidays. This year, I'm trying something new. One nice gift for each person on my list. Not a ton of items I am not sure they will even use. Just one thing. It's made me think a lot harder and really decide what I think each person will use/want the most. My largest purchase was a very nice Kamado grill for my brother. He just bought a house and loves to cook in his backyard (esp. this year!). Here it is!
  3. I bought 10k in Tesla last summer and it is worth almost 10x as much now. Best move I've made in years!!! Did it all through TD Ameritrade.
  4. Who else saw Serena's daughter being her biggest fan in the crowd at the Us Open? And do we think she can take it all....
  5. I'm hoping grow vegetables and herbs that the community can use in exchange for tending to the garden.
  6. No matter what your religion, Israel is filled with culture and history. Jersusalem is filled with historic sites like Temple Mount, the Western Wall, and Jaffa Gate. This was one of the most spiritual and historic places I have ever been
  7. I've heard good things about Rockport but looking for other options. I care about style as well as effectiveness.
  8. Where do you want to live when you reitre? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Beyond the usual, any other good questions?
  9. Does your workplace have any limiatations on dating co-workers? That could be a good place to start lol
  10. Does anyone have any comedy shows they recommend on Hulu or another platform? I'm finished with all of the best ones on Netflix!
  11. Unfortunately, not everyone has the gift of being to work wherever they please. Although if you do love where you work, there's no harm in asking the company to let you work from home. Then home can be where you please. If it were up to me I'd say Tel Aviv, Lisbon, or Barcelona. What kind of destination are you being called to?
  12. I couldn't agree more! Although our typical restaurant dates haven't been as accessible, we have started playing a lot more card games and ordering in. SO important to keep it going
  13. "I release any fear that tells me I should have already arrived somewhere other than this present moment"
  14. Does anyone have any resources or tips they would recommend for getting into meditation?
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