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  1. That's great! I always do dry January but not much the other 11 months.
  2. Peyton Manning all day for me.
  3. Can't wait to see the matchups this year! 24 days until we have two months of playoff bliss!
  4. I've taken CBD gummies to help me sleep before. I was skeptical and then so pleasantly surprised. I try not to rely on them but they 100% work.
  5. Praying you're wrong! We need a World Series Win!! #gododgers
  6. What do you call it when a group of apes starts a company? Monkey business.
  7. I keep watching for new companies going public to try to find the golden ticket to making a few extra bucks. It's always difficult but I think COVID has changed the game and set new trends. I feverishly read, trying to learn more and more, but there's so much info. Where do you guys get your info? What publications or sites?
  8. I love Jim Morrison and the Doors. "People Are Strange" is my favorite. My go to Karaoke song back in the day, you know, when people could still go to Karaoke bard and sing their heart out. Saw this cool article on Manopause about a guy who did the LA tour of all of the doors hot spots! Pretty cool, check it out:
  9. I'm a restaurant owner in California and it's been hard to say the least. As the rules have constantly been changing, we are doing our best to adapt to them. Initially we were only offering takeout, and when restaurants reopened, we converted our parking lot to accommodate more guests, while still keeping the distance between tables. It's been a daily adjustment and I think restaurant owners are just hoping their businesses survive this pandemic. I read an article on the Manopause site in the business section about businesses curing COVID and it's clear we are all just trying to stay afloat and adapt. Check it out!
  10. It's a show on MTV and they also have tons of videos on youtube but WOW very funny, definite mood booster
  11. And if it is, does anyone have any good reccomendations in the San Diego area?
  12. I would look into the side effects of any of the medications you are using and talk to your Doctor about it. It's more common than you'd think
  13. I know that she is divorced as well but I am not sure about the etiquette around this unique sitation
  14. Maybe you should hire someone in their 20's who can help bring you up to speed 😉 I've heard it works wonders!
  15. Do we love it or hate it? I hear so many good reviews about the weight loss but you can't eat fruit?! seems weird
  16. Ahh the things I would do to have a boat! Missing the ocean more than usual during COVID. Contemplating renting one for the month
  17. Really missing the Dodgers right about now...not sure what games to re-watch!
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