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  1. I know a lot of women who got their breasts lifted or implanted after kids. They look great and say they just wanted to get back to where they were before having kids. Would you be okay with that for your wife or significant other?
  2. We all tried almost every position for sex when we were younger, right? Well, now that we're a little older, which ones work best for you?
  3. It happens to a lot of men as they get older and heavier--the penis seems to retract! Doesn't get smaller, but gets "hidden" by fat or hair? There are lots of ways to fix this. Anybody dealing with it? Check out my article on!
  4. Most men love lingerie! That's why the Victoria's Secret catalogue is such a hit! But most guys complain that the longer they're in a relationship, the less their partner wears lingerie. Is that a problem? Let's discuss, and check out my article on Sexy Lingerie on
  5. Poaching is a big problem throughout Africa, with animals being slaughtered for tusks, horns, and other body parts. Go to to learn about organizations that are battling poaching and helping to preserve Africa's wildlife! And meet Gideon Meyer, wildlife conservationist, by checking out his podcast at! Let us know about your safari experiences too!
  6. How many of you business people out there have changed their employment model since COVID, and will you continue that after?
  7. Now that normal movie production is shut down for the foreseeable future, producers have to think of new ways to make films. Animation? Single actor or small cast stories? Are blockbusters gone for a while? What do you think?
  8. Share your wedding memories with us!
  9. Tell us what you think about Brandon's article!
  10. Tell us what you what you think about Kate's article!
  11. Tell us what you think about Tom's article!
  12. What was the best or craziest Fourth of July You Can Remember? Join This Discussion For a Chance To Win a Special Gift Package of Manscape Products!
  13. I've been a fan of Steely Dan since the early 70s and have seen them in concert over 10 times, starting in 1973! I think Donald Fagen and Walter Becker have created some of the most unique and enduring music of our time. Even though they were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I still think they're under appreciated! See my article on ranking my top 10 songs (almost impossible to choose only 10!). What are yours!
  14. Looking to start a new relationship, or keep an existing one fresh? How important are looks? Check out and weigh in! Personality, sense of humor, great legs--what's important to you?
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