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  1. I hear you loud and clear. When I get a massage, I will only let a woman do it, however, when it comes to rectal exams and any other exam of my private man parts, it's only by other men. I always request exams to be done by men...
  2. I agree with ClassicFunk.....Meeks to the easy way out and chose the draft order almost verbatim
  3. Henry Ruggs III , Alabama...That's All Folks!
  4. It is so interesting to watch the MLB Players Association and the MLB Owners negotiate starting baseball like it is a collective bargaining agreement and not a Pandemic. Do they not realize that any delays will mean no baseball in 2020? I guess not...
  5. Hey Manopause, I really like the podcasts but I would like to see more women interviewed. It would balance things out a bit and add some schwing factor to the site, if you know what I mean!
  6. When I started my business I had a couple of great mentors. It was an amazing experience and helped a great deal in elevating my business to the next level and beyond. I now mentor kids about to graduate from college. Extremely rewarding. You get way more out of it than you would think.
  7. I say never retire. Why would you? If you enjoy what you are doing, at least stay at it part time and the other time travel and explore the rest of the world.
  8. I have seen Steely Dan over 15 times and each time they are better and better! I can't believe they are still rockin it!
  9. Really glad they improved the quality. For years I thought they were cheaply made.
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