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  1. I have personally witnessed a UFO and saw it land on the golf course...these weird creatures got out with their clubs and took a few shots. They all got a hole in one....imagine that!
  2. Take a break from romance for a while. We tend to put too much stress on ourselves to perform. During this pandemic, my wife was injured and laid up for several months. Out of commission...the store was closed! It was the longest time we had ever not had sex. The first month was the toughest, however, as the months went on, it started to get much easier to go without. Then many months passed and it started getting scary. What if I can't do it any more? No one is talking about it and it's not happening... I can tell you it's like riding a bike, once you jump on, it all comes back to you. After 5 month's the romance was starting to make a comeback and I realized, it was ok to take a break. It was like a new romance was blooming and it was exciting...
  3. There is a reason they say Dogs are a mans best friend!
  4. Not only do I watch Nascar, I'm buying their swag. It's so strange that I started getting into it after 50. Am I the only one? Anyone else finding car racing at an older age?
  5. My wife will no longer fly because of the after affects of menopause. Has anybody else gone through this and are there any tips to get her back in the air besides major drugs?
  6. One of the greatest times I can remember is traveling by myself to several different countries. My wife encouraged me to go because she can't travel anymore and I'm grateful she did. You really get to know yourself and make a lot of friends along the way. I highly recommend it. Loved Venice in Italy, Cape Town and Kruger National Park in South Africa and the South of France!
  7. Last year I was fortunate to spend 8 days on a 171' super yacht. We went all over the South of France and it could not have been better. France is gorgeous and so are the people. It was so unbelievable words cannot do it justice. Good thing I didn't pay for it!!!
  8. I find Glenlivet 18 is my go to, however, on very special occasions I turn to Macallan Rare Cask...Wow! Sometimes you can find it at Costco for $220. BevMo over $300!
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