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  1. I used to be in great shape with a flat abdomen. Now I'm over 50 and I have a beer belly despite working out regularly. I try to eat better, but it just seem harder to lose weight. I've tried diets too, and I rebound as soon as I'm off? I'm thinking of trying a low carb diet, or maybe the keto diet. Anybody had success with one of these?
  2. I've been to Europe many times, and I find that their 3-star hotels are awesome and affordable. When I'm traveling I get up early and head out for adventure, and I don't get back til late. Why do I want to waste a fortune on a room where I snooze and shower? But food? That's a different story!
  3. After watching some shows again from the 70's and 80's, the difference from TV shows today is startling! Not only the quality of the production but the story and script quality is far superior now! Probably some of it is due to advances in technology, but story is still story, and a lot of those shows I loved now seem really cheesy! Go ahead, watch Six Million Dollar Man, Fantasy Island, Columbo, St. Elsewhere. Some are still good, but many of them are just downright bad!
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