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  1. I also got a dog several months ago and have absolutely fallen in love...I agree with you.
  2. Looking great and feeling great at 50!
  3. I also hear matchmakers are the way to go. Best of luck!
  4. I have been on Safari twice and can't wait to go again. It's the best vacation I have ever been on. The last time was at the Savanna Game reserve in Sabi Sands, SA. We saw the Big 6. It was a thrill of a lifetime. Our guide said it was very rare to see all 6 in one trip. Does anyone have another recommendation for other Safaris?
  5. My wife is also afraid of flying. Drugs helped for the long trip as well as flying first class...ugh! I too need some advice!
  6. We have a VTO program we started at our company where we encourage our team to take up to a week off (PAID) if they volunteer their time to charity. One of the best programs we could have done for the employees and the charities!
  7. Mike


    I once saw Rodney Dangerfield in the lounge at the Tropicana Hotel in Vegas. It was just 3 of us in the audience and he still did the entire show and was hysterical. He came and sat down after the show and had drinks with us. He was a master at his craft!
  8. Mike

    Great new shows!

    Just watched Dead to me, Ozark, Killing Eve and Hollywood...all fantastic!
  9. As I'm getting older, I'm listening now instead of doing all the talking. It's interesting because I can add to the conversation in a much more valuable placing the ball.
  10. If you find a passion for a particular charity, jump in and help. I went to help out in Uganda with a group called Children of Grace. It changed my life. I have been involved now for more than 10 years...Check it out on
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