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  1. I can't wait! So excited to have spring college football.
  2. Anyone else still remember their first real kiss? I do, and I have to say- I wasn't impressed. Only later did I realize the art of a good kiss. And after that relization I became a kissing snob. Be a good kisser or hit the road!
  3. He really is! Even his simple commercials make me laugh.
  4. Some of my airline stocks have started to come out of the hole. Of course this could change but it's looking good these past 2 weeks.
  5. Yeah this news was heart breaking! This article I saw on here was pretty awesome. I wish I was crafty enough as a child to sneak backstage with fake passes! Check it out!
  6. I love avocado oil! I use the Chosen Foods spray oil- got a 2 pack from Costco. I have been reading a little lately about how most avocado oils are not authentic or actually made of pure avocado oil. Still doing some research about this, but aside from that, I love avocado oil for cooking.
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