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  1. If you see a red flag, pay attention. I'm too old for this shit haha
  2. I like her best with the blonde hair! Gorgeous woman.
  3. I say YES. always yes. Hawaiian pizza is my #1.
  4. Amaretto sours are so sweet but never get old to me.
  5. Anyone else?! I have a friend who ALWAYS finds a way to sneak out of paying at our group work lunches. Whether it's because his meal was cheaper or he has an emergency to run to- it's always SOMETHING! When I made a joke to him before, he mentioned he was not cheap but that he was frugal. I think cheap affects others and frugality affects you. Anyone else agree?
  6. I will take it whenever I can get it😅
  7. It's almost a year after we all went into lockdown... how's everyone doing?
  8. doughnuts


    I have a large collection too! I keep them in tip top shape and occasionally assess the value of my most popular. I definitely think it's work keeping them in good shape and holding onto for now!
  9. I've always set resolutions in my 62 years... but this year... I think I'm only asking myself to be more present in my relationships. 2020 taught me that I could be better in this area. Mostly bc I was focused on the people I know (really truly care about) and how to keep up my relationship with them. It's been challenging but I'm feeling like I'm more aware than I've been in years.
  10. My wife gives me one job for Christmas gifts... stockings. I am in charge of stockings for our 3 kids. It's actually super fun for me, and I spend weeks curating the perfect fillers for the stockings. I've been doing this for years and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  11. Who else remembers Grand Funk RR?!?!
  12. How is playing bridge similar to sex? If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand.
  13. I'm thankful this year is almost over!! And my health.
  14. Even something as simple as clothing or household item donation! I cannot stand dropping off anything to Goodwill. They're such a corporation. Instead, I found a local women's shelter that is also populated with their children, and dropped off lots of old toys and clothing and it made me feel so good to see their faces as I brought in bags of stuff!
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