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  1. Guy's got a point!!! But in all seriousness, I like both depending on the day.
  2. I'm a runner and CBD does wonders for my knees in between runs. Total game changer.
  3. Any chance you think he can catch up to Nicklaus?!
  4. I used to call women who were attractive, successful and thoroughly cool Unicorns... maybe I'll just start calling them aliens...
  5. I cannot believe it's almost Thanksgiving! I can't see my whole family from all over like I normally do, but I'm going to be with my wife and kids. It's definitely going to be so strange but I know eventually things will revert to how they were!
  6. Pittsburgh needs to break into the 1 spot if they win 10 straight!! Go steelers!
  7. A man after my own heart! This is at the top of my list too!
  8. I bought a 6 pack of Stella Artois the other day and have been having a few this week. I forgot how much I love a simple lager! Really. So much craft/fancy beer is hard to drink or heavy flavored. Stella drinks so easily! I need an easy drink sometimes!
  9. Steelers Steelers Steelers! It's gonna be our year!
  10. I have always considered myself an open book. I cried when our family dog died, I shed (small, manly) tears at the birth of my 2 kids. I don't hesitate to tell my wife when I'm upset with her. But would I cry in a movie... in public... for others to see? Hell no! I'm not sure if this is "hiding my feelings" or what, but I just consider some feelings to be private matters. What about the rest of you? Are men emotionally stunted?!? I think we are doing just fine.
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