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  1. My only. regret is not pursuing music like I always wanted to. I love every other detail but it will always be a big "what if" to me.
  2. Any fantasy football experts on here?? I am jumping into my first fantasy league this year and I want to win it all... I know we all do, but I REALLY do haha. I have done lots of reading online.... but what sites do you use for tips and trades?
  3. I just took a trip up the California Coast and it was PERFECT! I am planning on flying sometimes soon and maybe heading out to Chicago or New York!
  4. Giving big shout out to the men and women who served! So many people foget what this 3 day weekend is about.... so let's acknowledge the heroes in our lives!
  5. I miss the old days of Carson. New late night TV has nothing on the good old days...
  6. Mr. Lucky

    PS vs Mac

    I'm a PC guy through and through... I do have an iPhone though and my kids laugh at me. The iPhone is so user friendly but Mac computers have never seemed conquerable to me!
  7. I'm easy. Jim Beam does the job every time!
  8. Who does everyone have for March Madness this year?!?!
  9. Guy's got a point!!! But in all seriousness, I like both depending on the day.
  10. I'm a runner and CBD does wonders for my knees in between runs. Total game changer.
  11. Any chance you think he can catch up to Nicklaus?!
  12. I used to call women who were attractive, successful and thoroughly cool Unicorns... maybe I'll just start calling them aliens...
  13. I cannot believe it's almost Thanksgiving! I can't see my whole family from all over like I normally do, but I'm going to be with my wife and kids. It's definitely going to be so strange but I know eventually things will revert to how they were!
  14. Pittsburgh needs to break into the 1 spot if they win 10 straight!! Go steelers!
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