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  1. Just now, CueStick said:

    Anyone have any good recs for stock to buy at the moment? My Tesla stock has dipped a bit in the past few weeks and I'm looking to drop some money into some new companies.

    I dropped a couple grand into GE stock last month and it's slowly creeping up. 

  2. This week's news of Eddie's passing was so hard for me and my wife. We got together in the era of listening Van Halen and cruising around town until the wee hours of the morning.

    Our kids are confused about why this is impacting us so much, but we have been playing their music all week to make sure we aren't the last in our generation to love the music of these guys!


    van halen GIF

  3. Super informative podcast episode! I love any info I can get about how to better care for myself and pass along to my loved ones during this COVID time. My mask collection grows by the day and I still don't really go anywhere besides grocery, bank, home, and outdoor walks with my dog!

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