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  1. I'm getting a new drone for myself on Black Friday, if that counts?!
  2. I am watching Scenes From A Marriage On HBO... a little depressing but good. Great acting!
  3. I always loved her and saw her recently In LA Magazine and she's aged incredibly well and just seems like a really cool woman.
  4. A good gin martini is my go to at a bar. Has to be super cold with ice chips in it!🍸
  5. People feel very differently about this, but I'm a total fan and so if my wife. She wonders why I didn't start it sooner.
  6. This podcast does a pretty good job of helping me wrap my head around it...
  7. Which do you all prefer?! I'm all about night sex and then drifting off into dreamland!
  8. Has anyone heard of a reliable and legitimate place to give $ to help Texas out after their wild winter storm?
  9. Didn't realize that. I admit I have learned more about black history from working with my own children on school work than I ever knew before. Boy how the textbooks have changed in the past 45 years!
  10. I'm a scotch man, and the peatier the better! Ardbeg is harder to find, but WORTH the hunt.
  11. The holidays caused a surge for me and my wife. I think everyone was in better spirits. Call it holiday cheer😃. But I wasn't complaining!
  12. Every year my whole family gets together and has a latke making party. This year will be different because of Covid but we are going to have a zoom party and try to recreate it virtually. It's gonna be interesting but I remain hopeful! What is everyone else doing or what are your traditions?
  13. I promised my wife a 2 week international getaway as soon as it's permitted and safe! (half of this gift is for me😋)
  14. I do my best! Since COVID and working from home, I think I've really stepped up my game and my wife agrees. It's honestly helped our relationship so much. Wish I had figured this out a long time ago!
  15. Man caves. Man caves are the answer. A place to go for your sanity.
  16. I love a good debate, especially when it comes to something food related. Let's see what everyone has to say about this.... I prefer my Matzoh balls softer on the outside, with a little more density in the middle. If they're mushy, it's game over for me! Now, for meatballs... I like them medium sized, and able to withstand being cut with a knife, without falling apart! If they're mushy, I'll pass. I can't stand meat that is spongy. EW!
  17. I spent most of last summer in Europe. Boy, do I miss those days right now. I wish I knew that would be my last big trip for a while. When you spend a month in a new place (I spent about a month in each country), you start to really become a "local." I have an international drivers license, so it was easy to get cars/motorcycles whenever I needed them. This is my ultimate travel tip. Paris- I really love their public transport and you can get a 10 day unlimited metro pass for about $40. But Italy and Spain I rented vehicles. I love scooting around town on my own schedule and adjusting to their roads! Anyone else ever rent cars/motorcycles when abroad??
  18. Always help in the trenches! I've never felt too good to help the lowest employees on the totem pole do whatever work they are doing!
  19. I had always heard that being a grandpa was going to be the highlight of my life. Being a dad was always my favorite role in life, so I wasn't sure how a Grandpa could be even better?! Well, they were right. Not only do you get to send them home after spoiling them, but I get to watch my two children raise these amazing tiny humans... So I get to see my kids feel about their own kids, the way I felt about them. It's just a big ball of feelings that only experiencing it can explain. Anyone else able to relate about their experience becoming a Grandpa?
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