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  1. I always try and give my wife a spa day. She deserves it after all she does for our kids. Last year didn't happen because of COVID, but this year she can enjoy a day of pampering again!
  2. I LOVE a Cadillac margarita! Give me all the salt, too!😛
  3. I was a teenage, and I remember it vaguely. Definitely didn't understand it until years later, to be honest.
  4. I pay attention to what my kids are doing and saying. Millenials are the largest market in the country, so the more I understand them, the more I understand what's going on and what's popular.
  5. I was supposed to go to Portugal this spring, in April, and that never came to fruition (still waiting on refunds, don't get me started!). After getting over being bummed about that, I settle into quarantine life and got really good at being home. Once things started to reopen, I have slowly taken day trips here and there and seen several little nooks of CA that I've never seen before. I am thinking about making a trip even out of CA sometime soon. Anyone else taken any cool, local trips where they live??
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