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  1. AGREE! No harm in tidying up the way we do our beards.
  2. I do! My family and I lived in Arlington Heights, outside Chicago. I remember seeing it all over the newsstands the next day.
  3. I was lucky enough to get an appt. in NYC last week, and now I'm just waiting for my second shot. I wanted Moderna and I was able to get my hands on an appointment. I'll check back in after my. second shot.
  4. Why is it better to be a hooker than a drug dealer? Because you can sell the same crack over and over again.
  5. Anyone have any good recs for stock to buy at the moment? My Tesla stock has dipped a bit in the past few weeks and I'm looking to drop some money into some new companies.
  6. Ardbeg if you like SMOKEY! Or Peet Monster! Yum, Yum, Yum!!
  7. Being right isn't as important as being loved. Be easy on your wife/gf and it will make it easier for everyone involved. If you're one of the lucky ones, she will follow your lead and harmony awaits.
  8. I use Samsung, even thought I have an iPhone. I got a deal on them last year and love them. I still don't know how you can buy a $1200 phone and air pods are not included. Yikes.
  9. I just started watching this myself!! Episode 1 and 2 were my favorite!! Awesome series.
  10. CueStick

    Date Ideas

    Cook her dinner! Underrated and you will get a ton of brownie points- provided it's edible. haha
  11. I miss this many more every time I watch one of his old movies. Found myself watching Mrs. Doubtfire last week and couldn't stop thinking about how funny he truly is. Such an icon and man of great talent. What's your favorite Robin Williams movie?
  12. Nowadays, it's what have you been doing since March... any new hobbies? Have you been connecting with friends from long times past? What's new on Netflix? Where is the first place you're going when this all goes back to "normal"?
  13. One thing I love about the weekends is being able to go for strolls through my neighborhood and seeing everyone's dogs. Old, new, puppies, rescues, etc. It makes me so happy to see these little guys just strolling around with big smiles on their face. Who else has cool neighborhood dogs they see?!
  14. I probably bicker weekly, if not daily, with my wife over who does the most of the housework. I know men get a bad rap, but I really do everything I can to help in the time I have. I do laundry (and then get yelled at for folding towels wrong), I unload the dishwasher (because my wife insists on loading it), and I am probably overly enjoying of vacuuming. I don’t cook. Period. But that’s for everyone’s benefit. Curious what other men have to say about this?
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