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  1. This one is awesome
  2. I'm ready for draft day. Let's GO!
  3. I can't wait to see all the track sets. I have always been a runner but the Olympic runners never cease to amaze me.
  4. I have started making it routine to cook for my wife on any occasion that she lets me. With restaurants closed last year, I became a pro in the kitchen and I think I love this new ritual.
  5. I am taking my dad golfing and was thinking about getting him a fancy new club. Any suggestions?
  6. Same! Let's hope LeBron makes it there and is met by Durant!
  7. I give my wife a day without the kids and she goes out with her sister and girlfriends. I buy their dinner and drinks. She is never disappointed.
  8. RollTideWin

    Oscars 2021

    My money is on Nomadland for Best Picture. What do you all think?
  9. I can't wait . Go dodgers!!
  10. Casamigos! Silver, Reposado, or Anejo! I'll take any of them, anytime!
  11. Do you all remember the Disco Is Dead day in Chicago?
  12. Eh, I hope so, but the odds aren't in his favor. You never know! Sports has had crazier moments!
  13. I have high hopes for Tiger in 2021!!! He deserves it. He can surpass Snead!
  14. Who didn't love the Beav? I grew up on this show and could watch reruns all day. Plus, didn't we all love Mrs. Cleaver fully dressed in heels making dinner every night? My wife would divorce me if I requested she dress like that around the house😆
  15. What do you call a smiling Roman soldier with a piece of hair stuck between his front teeth? A glad-he-ate-her.
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