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  1. Eh, I hope so, but the odds aren't in his favor. You never know! Sports has had crazier moments!
  2. I have high hopes for Tiger in 2021!!! He deserves it. He can surpass Snead!
  3. Who didn't love the Beav? I grew up on this show and could watch reruns all day. Plus, didn't we all love Mrs. Cleaver fully dressed in heels making dinner every night? My wife would divorce me if I requested she dress like that around the house😆
  4. What do you call a smiling Roman soldier with a piece of hair stuck between his front teeth? A glad-he-ate-her.
  5. Just read this week's update for power rankings... Miami should be in the top 10….they beat both Arizona and LA Rams- both ranked higher than them Too is already better than Goff and matched up well against Kyler and they didn’t need a hail mary to beat either.
  6. I loved the podcast Manopause did! and how much credit he gives to the entire team! He seems like such a nice humble guy. Podcast:
  7. Date night these days is me making dinner AND cleaning up. My wife does a lot so I try to do this at least once a week. Sometimes she jumps in and helps clean but I try to make sure she doesn't!
  8. “I always liked you. You were always the best of them. Best goddamned bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Or Portland, Oregon, for that matter.” Jack Torrance, “The Shining” 1980
  9. If you haven't watched Suits, all NINE seasons are available on Amazon Prime. This is a nice surprise, 10 months into 2020.
  10. Cam has covid! Curious how this may or may not spread through the NFL after Patrick Mahomes hugs Stephen Gilmore- who tested positive for Covid after Monday Nights game.
  11. Bouillon Pigalle in Paris! Super cheap food and wine! Close to Moulin Rouge and Montmarte. Amazing! I found myself here 5 times on my last visit to the beautiful city of Paris!
  12. Never stop dating your partner. Tired, lazy, low on spending $... find a way to take your wife out on a date. Or have a home dinner date. Dress up, spray on some cologne and remind her why she married you!
  13. Anyone know any good places to camp by the beach in Socal??
  14. You're totally right. I should make my way to the beach more. It's only 4 miles away! And yeah, I guess hot yoga is trendy. 90 degrees outside makes for a "hot yoga" class inside my apt!
  15. I know I'm lucky to still be married after 35 years (happily, for the most part). My Main tip is... no matter what... "Let it go." Sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I want to run into opposing traffic, sometimes I still want to prove I'm right... but the truth is, just let It go. Grudges don't make anyone happier. They are heavy. I'm not perfect. I still wake up pissed sometimes, but I also have to remind myself even in those moments... LET.IT.GO. Woosa!
  16. All of the younger kids are doing it! Anyone else using Robinhood or an app for no-fee direct investing?! I use Robinhood and LOVE it.
  17. I have really started to dive deep into the world of craft beer since 2019. Once Covid happened, I wasn't going to let it stop my education in beer101, so I started buying bottles from craft bottle shops, some grocery stores, and mostly Trader Joes! Did you know you can buy any single bottle there? Pull it out of a 6 pack and commit to just 1! It's priced appropriately based on the cost of the 6-pack. How rad Is that? What's anyone else's favorite fancy beer? I'm always looking for new tips and to try something new!!
  18. Who else is excited about this sexy new Bronco coming out next year and starting in the low $30ks!?!? I cannot wait to test drive one!
  19. I try and workout for at least 60 minutes 5-6 days a week. Living in CA, gyms are still closed so I usually get outside for a hike or run or stair climb, but it's been SO hot here that I'm stuck inside, afraid to faint or worry about heat stroke if I go outside and burn some calories. What do I do? What else is everyone doing to stay active in this heat?!
  20. Who else is excited about the US Tennis Open this year? Can't wait to see Serena in action. She never disappoints!
  21. It's been an interesting year for all college athletes as the school year approaches. I've read a bunch of different things about different conferences, and I feel just as conflicted as the decision makers do. It can be detrimental for a college athlete to miss a prime year playing, but it's also important everyone stays safe. As professional sports have slowly started, we see the "bubble" method isn't even truly effective. I hope that whatever is decided for all of these students, that the entire sports world and community is as supportive as possible and find a way to avoid these players los
  22. In the relationships I have had throughout my life, I have spent endless amounts of time trying to decide what level of comfort is healthy and what goes too far and kills romance. I'm not sure I've found the golden ticket, but I do know in my current relationship, I'm walking a very livable tight rope. There is laughter and comfort beyond belief but there is still mystery and trying to impress each other. I'm curious how anyone else has done with this in their relationships? I may think I have a good situation but I'm always open for improvement or enlightenment. This article
  23. In all of my years working, I think the thing that sticks with me most is that I have learned incredible amounts from my least favorite bosses. Those bosses and my relationships with them showed me that talking less and just observing was the best avenue to success. I witnessed how they worked and banked information on what not to do and I am certain it made me a better boss for the employees I have come to have. This article under the business section hits the nail on the head about the workplace and things that matter most in a work environment
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