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  1. I’ll give you my division winners first. AFC: Chiefs, Ravens, Patriots, Titans NFC: Packers, Cowboys, Saints, Seahawks
  2. Preseason picks are fun, but you get a better idea after seeing NFL teams play for a month. Who ya got?
  3. I think the New England Patriots got the better deal in this year's trades. I have 5 reasons why that you can read in the article I wrote with great photos from my buddy Marc Serota at 5 reasons!! You agree or disagree?
  4. Serota has taken a lot of photos at a lot of NFL games. He must have spent a lot of days in the Miami sun to come up with those predictions. My man Jerry will set the pace for the rookies. I think the Alabama offense could have found more ways to get him the ball more often. As for following the draft, check again. Ruggs went before Jeudy.
  5. Remember only 3 majors this year, no British Open. And yeah, I know they call it The Open.
  6. So the PGA TOUR is a month away from restarting, with the first four events excluding fans due to coronavirus. Will be exciting to see the best in the world back at it. Are you planning to watch and how do you feel about sporting events without fans?
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