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  1. I love dogs. I haven't had. a puppy in years, but we are considering a big breed... I've never had a smaller dog, but if I found the right rescue I would consider it!
  2. I have grandkids who are now college aged, but can't help but reflect on how much I loved watching and helping them grow up. Now that my children have empty nests, we only see our grandkids around the holidays or summer break. I would love some recommendations for volunteering or working with kids that may not have grandparents or may not have great role models present in their lives!
  3. A man boards a plane with six kids. After they get settled in their seats, a woman sitting across the aisle leans over to him and asks, "Are all of those kids yours?" He replies, "No. I work for a condom company. These are customer complaints."
  4. It's almost stout season! I love a good, spicy stout when it's getting cold outside! I don't mean Guiness- I mean something like an oatmeal or peanut butter stout! Any good recs??
  5. My money is on the Rays. I think the Dodgers will choke.
  6. I always snored, even before I gained some weight in my 50s. It, of course, lessened with shedding a few lbs. I know my wife is being kind when she says she has "gotten used to" my midnight orchestra. I have tried a nose strips and they didn't do much. I'm talking to my doctor in the next week or two to inquire about sleep apnea. Whatever he says, I'm ready for a more serious solution.
  7. Anyone on here ever seen the show SNAPPED? Where the women kill their husbands?! Well, I won't say I've committed to sit down and watch it, but my Ex-wife used to spend a lot time watching back to back episodes. Is this reason for concern? I sure hoped not. We were happy, in love and she would never!...? Fast forward, 10 years later, and we found ourselves in the middle of a divorce. It was going smoothly, and I couldn't foresee anything super problematic about the process. We signed the papers, and it went as planned. Sharing 2 children, we still talk regularly and it is healthy for everyone. I know this is not always the situation. I have several friends who weren't as lucky. Anyone else have any other divorce stories? Graceful or otherwise? This Manopod episode about divorce is pretty awesome:
  8. I see quite a few dogs from my balcony being walked every day. It's something I look forward to when I glance out of my kitchen window. Definitely way more dogs since March than I've ever realized lived in this neighborhood! haha this meme is probably very accurate! 🤣
  9. PGA started this morning I couldn't be happier to have a semblance of "regular sports" in my life. Tiger Woods didn't have his best day, but there is still time to see him turn it around. I know we can't sit at a bar and talk golf with other patrons over a beer, but lets have a beer at home and chat about the sport we love here! David Meeks wrote an awesome article for Manopause and I'm curious to see how his predictions pan out. Time Will Tell! Read Article Here
  10. Falcon 9 left from Florida on May 30 and landed this past Saturday in Pensacola, FL. 63 days in space- how cool! This was a huge milestone for SpaceX and their human spaceflight program. In the middle of a time when we can't leave our homes, it's so fun to dream about going to Space. I'm just a nerd Space Nerd who only made it as far as space camp in my childhood. Would love to geek out with some others about their thoughts and excitement on this!
  11. My favorite driver is Jimmie Johnson. His career is truly amazing! With 7 championship wins, I think he's the best NASCAR driver ever! NASCAR fans, what are your thoughts? I read the great article about Jimmie Johnson from the Manopause sports page. Here's the link:
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