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  1. The most beautiful sunset I ever saw was in Capri. I was out on a small boat and the sunset was just breathtaking. We just stopped moving and sat and took it all in. Could have been much due to the gorgeous surroundings or the idea that we were in Italy, but man- it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

  2. Just now, Old Tom said:

    We are moving into a smaller space, and this downsizing has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. My wife enjoys purging stuff, but I'm the extreme opposite. I realize we will have to absolutely get rid of some stuff because our 3 bedroom house has way too much stuff for our new 2 bedroom townhouse. 

    The donation piles daunts me.


    Any advice?


    It's hard! But honestly, the new start will be new and exciting and if you're able to, there's a chance to get some new stuff. 


  3. Just now, juliam60 said:

    I'm in need of some awesome recipes, that are mildly healthy. AKA, nothing deep fried. Most everything else is on the table... I want to cook more at home and eat cleaner. No keto, paleo, or Atkins crap... just fresh and healthy. Any ideas??

    This is pretty good- on the food and drink part of this site. The chips are baked and probably delicious! I'm making it this weekend for sure!


  4. It amazes me that every year when the list of the happiest countries in the world comes out, the US is never in the top 10, and barely in the top 20!


    I think we work too much and don't play enough. Other countries nap in the middle of the day (Spain) and some give pregnant mothers 6 months off! I love this country but I think we need to self reflect a bit!

  5. Just now, Old Tom said:

    I just received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. First one felt just fine afterward, hoping this one is the same. I was told that any side effects might not kick in until tomorrow. Anyone else get it and have symptoms?

    I was only told AFTER my second shot had been administered that taking Advil or Alive could reduce the shot's effectiveness. Unsure why they wouldn't have told me this before going in for my appt., as I took Advil hours before my second shot had already been administered. 

  6. I had frog legs in France! The French definitely have most of my bucket list foods. If I'm being honest, it does taste like chicken...

    Just now, juliam60 said:

    I went to a tiny little cafe around the Eiffel Tower, which was probably a tourist hot spot. Nonetheless, I had my first taste of escargot. Definitely a one time thing but I knocked it off my bucket list!



  7. I LOVE birdwatching. I thought it was only for nerds before I started heading out  on my own birdwatching adventures. It's a quiet sport that's great solo. Get out in nature and listen to the great outdoors acoustics!

    My other favorite is model airplanes. Yes, people still do this haha. I have an entire day slip away from me when I get into my groove sometimes and my wife has to remind me to stop and eat something!

  8. Heart disease has always run in my family. This is a scary thing, knowing it's a leading killer of older people. Knowing what I know about my family history, I've always been mindful of it and tried to take as good of care as I can with my health. Never smoked, always worked out, tried to eat well (with the occasional sinful fatty burger). When Covid-19 took the globe by storm earlier this year, I saw a lot of material about how it imposed more risk on the health of my heart. I've done everything I can from self-isolating, wearing a mask, socially distancing, and also being extra cautious about my health and wellness during this time. 

    Anyone else have any concerns about this since Covid started? 



    Great Manopod episode below talking with the Cardiac Research Foundation!

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