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Found 3 results

  1. I got divorced several years ago and am now in my mid-50s. It's really hard to meet women in my age group. I really don't want to date someone under 45, but It's hard to find the ones I'm looking for! I hate the dating sites--people lie! Any suggestions?
  2. Hey Manopause, I really like the podcasts but I would like to see more women interviewed. It would balance things out a bit and add some schwing factor to the site, if you know what I mean!
  3. I'm not sure why older men date 20+ year old women. Don't they know it looks weird and people talk about them behind their backs. I understand a one night stand for the sex, but they have nothing in common. I'm finding dating women closer to my age is a lot more fun and we have many things in common. They're are also very hot, sexy older women. Ask Keanu Reeves! Anyone else care to comment?
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