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Am I wrong to want a male assitant?


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First time here, so hi to all. I am a 49 year old man. Had two urine samples at my yearly physical that showed microscopic blood, so was referred to a urologist for a consult. That appointment was just with the doc, and went fine. He wanted to do x-rays and a scope after, in his office. When I inquired about that procedure I was told it was in his office with a nurse/assistant. I asked for a male assistant. Was told they had none. I canceled that appointment and contact my PCP's office to let them know. They still want me to proceed further, and will look into other urologists. None in the Hospital my doctor is affiliated with has any male nurses to assist. I find that astounding. They have offices and clinics all over the area. Two days now and still no return call from my doc to say they have set something up. I get that men are used to - and expected to, it seems - just "man up" and deal with it. But I find it ridiculous in 2020 that there isn't a solution to this simple request. So, while my subject asks if I am wrong to request this, I don't think I am, and will be advocating for myself. What do other guys think?



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Right now, I have an appointment with a different doc, two months from now. Seems like it should be easier. And the receptionist I spoke with at the new place said "he does all his own procedures" but also seemed confused as to what I was talking about. Now I wonder if I should call the office to get a confirmation from someone who does know.

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