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April & Michelle - Sex Love 360 Podcast

The Manopause Team

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I really appreciate your perspective and direction April, thank you. It’s nice to get solution oriented advice. 

On the other hand, Michelle was often crushing and so I’m curious as to the following:
People gain weight and people lose weight. This should not, in my opinion, impact ones ability to physically love (unless we’re talking morbid obesity ~ health). Michelle mentioned that she talked to her man about his weight. What I heard her say was something along the lines of;  you’re way over weight and no longer attractive, suggesting he a least go to “lite beer 🍺”. Wow, she missed the opportunity to ask him if there was something going on that caused him to choose to drink so many calories; get to the issue rather than the outward appearance. Though he lost the weight, at this age, he may lose his sexual prowess due to having to qualify for it AND because all she cared about, with regards to this was how he looked VS felt. 
I was also taken aback my Michelle’s comments about her not being able to stand (hated) sex with her former husband aka: her children’s father. (the kids she loves more than herself) Really? On a public forum?  Not nice and not necessary. I mean who benefits from that knowledge when presented so callously?!  Who took care of the kids while she pursued her education?  The one that left him in the dust of her respect?  She did marry a truck driver, so why the shock about the fact that he remains a truck driver? 

I look forward to more talks, thanks! 

Kimberly A Smith 


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