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I have really started to dive deep into the world of craft beer since 2019. Once Covid happened, I wasn't going to let it stop my education in beer101, so I started buying bottles from craft bottle shops, some grocery stores, and mostly Trader Joes! Did you know you can buy any single bottle there? Pull it out of a 6 pack and commit to just 1! It's priced appropriately based on the cost of the 6-pack. How rad Is that? 

What's anyone else's favorite fancy  beer? I'm always looking for new tips and to try something new!!

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I love this time of year, as fall rolls around. So many delicious Oktoberfest beers to try. I went to Oktoberfest in 2010 in Munich, and have since become a slight nerd about anything Oktoberfest affiliated. Sierra Nevada is one of my stateside favorites, and isn't difficult to get your hands on.


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Anyone ever had a sour beer?! My daughter gave me one to try and I almost spit it right out! hahahaha. I didn't expect it to be truly like sour candy! A second and third sip was less surprising and almost good, but I don't think I'll be buying one anytime soon for myself! 🤣

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