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Businesses are changing because of Covid--is yours?


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I have a lot of people working from home, but I'll probably have a hybrid style where they come into the office intermittently during the week, maybe 2 days each on different days. I think some people need that "office environment" to feel connected!

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I'm a restaurant owner in California and it's been hard to say the least. As the rules have constantly been changing, we are doing our best to adapt to them. Initially we were only offering takeout, and when restaurants reopened, we converted our parking lot to accommodate more guests, while still keeping the distance between tables. It's been a daily adjustment and I think restaurant owners are just hoping their businesses survive this pandemic. 

I read an article on the Manopause site in the business section about businesses curing COVID and it's clear we are all just trying to stay afloat and adapt. 

Check it out!


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