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COVID-19 and Heart Disease


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Heart disease has always run in my family. This is a scary thing, knowing it's a leading killer of older people. Knowing what I know about my family history, I've always been mindful of it and tried to take as good of care as I can with my health. Never smoked, always worked out, tried to eat well (with the occasional sinful fatty burger). When Covid-19 took the globe by storm earlier this year, I saw a lot of material about how it imposed more risk on the health of my heart. I've done everything I can from self-isolating, wearing a mask, socially distancing, and also being extra cautious about my health and wellness during this time. 

Anyone else have any concerns about this since Covid started? 



Great Manopod episode below talking with the Cardiac Research Foundation!

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Super informative podcast episode! I love any info I can get about how to better care for myself and pass along to my loved ones during this COVID time. My mask collection grows by the day and I still don't really go anywhere besides grocery, bank, home, and outdoor walks with my dog!

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