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Favorite oil to cook with?


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I've always been an olive oil guy. I was raised with olive oil, and considered it the only real oil to cook with. In the past few years I've started branching out to avocado oil and grapeseed oil. I'm still not sure if I can taste or tell the difference. Any insight about which are better or you prefer??

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I love avocado oil! I use the Chosen Foods spray oil- got a 2 pack from Costco. I have been reading a little lately about how most avocado oils are not authentic or actually made of pure avocado oil. Still doing some research about this, but aside from that, I love avocado oil for cooking.

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Big fan of Olive oil. Snce i've started doing a lot more different cuisines I find myself really liking to cook with organic Coconut oil. Coconut oil in generally is really versatile for other usages as well.Can be used as a moisturizer,cleaning teeth etc.

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