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How do I trust the organization I want to donate to?


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There have been a lot of scams in charities! Or charities that use most of the money for overhead! There's a list of great charities and organizations that were studied by the Manopause team that you can find on the Give page at! Not only are all these organizations top-rated, but they use at least 75% of donations for services, research, and programs. And can link you directly to them! Check it out!

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You have a lot of great charities on your list. I find the animal charities great because I'm an animal lover. It's a passion of mine to try and preserve our wildlife. The Boucher Legacy is an incredible organization for the anti poaching of Rhino's and Elephants. Thanks for listing them as one of your charities. Well done!

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Even something as simple as clothing or household item donation! I cannot stand dropping off anything to Goodwill. They're such a corporation. 

Instead, I found a local women's shelter that is also populated with their children, and dropped off lots of old toys and clothing and it made me feel so good to see their faces as I brought in bags of stuff!

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