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How do you meet women if you're single and over 50?


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I got divorced several years ago and am now in my mid-50s. It's really hard to meet women in my age group. I really don't want to date someone under 45, but It's hard to find the ones I'm looking for! I hate the dating sites--people lie! Any suggestions?

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Just now, AutumnColors said:

Online! Honestly, these days with COVID and 2020 being weird, online is the way to go safely and not meetup with tons of new people. 

I agree! I was super against it, but finally caved and it's been rewarding. Some weird situations or people out there, but overall it's been fun.

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If you live in any city where they're doing any type of moive/TV production. Get yourself on set as an extra. Right off the bat you'll have a conversation opener with women who are extras,too. if it's at least an 8 hour set you'll even get the chance to sit down and have a meal with quite a few women. It's just a simple ask to get their info. to perhaps see them on the next gig or to stay in contact by Facebook or such. Now after you meet them it's still up to you to figure out how to get out of the friend zone after that.And even if it doesn't work out (romantically) you still get paid to be an

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