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I'm going to retire soon but I don't have any hobbies. Never did. I don't like golf or playing any sports and I don't like to collect things. I'm not artistic and I can't write good. I think that traveling at my age is a pain in the ass and I don't like joining groups. Plus I live alone. Which you're probably surprised to hear. I don't know how I'm going to fill my time. Any suggestions?

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I LOVE birdwatching. I thought it was only for nerds before I started heading out  on my own birdwatching adventures. It's a quiet sport that's great solo. Get out in nature and listen to the great outdoors acoustics!

My other favorite is model airplanes. Yes, people still do this haha. I have an entire day slip away from me when I get into my groove sometimes and my wife has to remind me to stop and eat something!

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COVID brought me watercolors! Go figure. Didn't think I had the patience to sit down and freaking paint. But here we are and I love it. I made my wife and children cards around the holidays and everyone was impressed (once they stopped laughing at an ex football players new hobby). Try something new! We have the time.

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