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Religion - or as Jimmy Buffett has said (in his song, Fruitcakes), "Religion - Oh, there's a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning"

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I was born in to a sort-of religious family.  Dad was a devout Episcopal. Mom was a passive, inactive Jew. I got baptized. Confirmed.  I hung with dad and volunteered in many ways to "help" the church....from being a choir member to helping dad clean up the church on non-church days. 

Then I went to college and got a science teacher's education.

As Bill Nye said..."I change my mind if I'm presented with evidence". His debater - the religious founder and creator of "The Ark" exhibit in Oklahoma,  Ken Ham said 'he never changes his mind".

So science took me away from religion...and science took me towards evidence and proofs.

So let me share a few memes here; and I welcome any comments!

Bill Nye Therein lies all the difference .jpg

Andy Rooney Why am I an Atheist .jpg

Bill Maher fear from religion .jpg

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