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Thanksgiving 2020

Mr. Lucky

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Just now, AutumnColors said:

My family and I have decided to skip it this year and stay home without TV or cell phones, eating Chinese takeout. My kids are going to lose their minds without electronics, but I'm excited to sit down and eat and play games all night!


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Skipping the holiday all together this year. Looking forward to Christmas and hoping it's easier to see my folks who live local to me. Such a strange closing to an even stranger year. I'm thankful for mine and my family's health through all of it though. Lots of people have lost loved ones. My heart breaks for them. Skipping the holiday is the smallest issue in comparison.

Happy Turkey Day, all!

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8 hours ago, HotTea said:

Tonight I will be thankful for a takeout, fully prepped turkey dinner! My wife didn't want to cook this year so we said to hell with it! Got takeout and all the fixings from a local place. 

My family is doing a full takeout prepared Thanksgiving dinner for the first time too!! Kind of excited to be honest. Hope it's good and we don't regret it!

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