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The Great Ball Debate


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I love a good debate, especially when it comes to something food related.

Let's see what everyone has to say about this.... I prefer my Matzoh balls softer on the outside, with a little more density in the middle. If they're mushy, it's game over for me! 

Now, for meatballs... I like them medium sized, and able to withstand being cut with a knife, without falling apart! If they're mushy, I'll pass. I can't stand meat that is spongy. EW!

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I prefer Matzoh balls that are smaller and harder! I don't want them to get mushy or soft when re heating- usually my wife makes HUGE batches of soup and the matzoh needs to withstand being heated several times.

As for meatballs, I like smaller, maybe a little bigger than a golf ball and pretty dense. 

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