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Toxic Divorce


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Anyone on here ever seen the show SNAPPED? Where the women kill their husbands?! Well, I won't say I've committed to sit down and watch it, but my Ex-wife used to spend a lot time watching back to back episodes. Is this reason for concern? I sure hoped not. We were happy, in love and she would never!...? Fast forward, 10 years later, and we found ourselves in the middle of a divorce. It was going smoothly, and I couldn't foresee anything super problematic about the process. We signed the papers, and it went as planned. Sharing 2 children, we still talk regularly and it is healthy for everyone. I know this is not always the situation. I have several friends who weren't as lucky. 

Anyone else have any other divorce stories? Graceful or otherwise? 

This Manopod episode about divorce is pretty awesome:

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On 9/18/2020 at 10:07 AM, MartinD28 said:

I LOVED this podcast. I had already listened to the LA Times Betty Broderick "It Was Simple" Podcast, so this was fascinating to me! Definitely go listen!


Yeah, the whole Betty Broderick story is wild to me. MY wife was listening to the podcast from the LA Times and I got hooked. This episode from Manopod is awesome! Would love to hear more from Michelle about her story.

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