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Virtual Entertainment

Robert N.

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Covid 19 has certainly put ZOOM and GOOGLE MEETINGS on the map and given us new ways to enjoy concerts, plays, talk shows, and more.  But, I am getting a little sick of looking at a computer screen or even my big flat screen no matter who is singing, talking, or performing.  Anyone else? When the F are we going to be able to enjoy going to a theatre, the movies, or a concert again? And when they say we can, will we even feel safe going??  I'm not sure...feeling very stuck in a virtual life!

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I know! I'm afraid that this thing is gonna come back if we're not careful! Who knows when we'll be able to shake hands, hug, or even just hang with a bunch of friends! I just try to get out of the house as much as possible, get some fresh air, and look at the sky! At least it's real!

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